Visiting Miami Florida

Miami is one the most flamboyant and seductively interesting areas in Florida. It is located on the edge of the Caribbean, with palm trees and fountains around every corner; it is easy to find your way around Miami when you are visiting. If you are on a family holiday, a week would probably be the most enjoyable and the least exhausting time to holiday there. An even better choice would be for two weeks if you can spare the time!

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Miami is divided into two different areas, which are Miami City Mainland and Miami Beach. They are both different places which is important to understand for orientation. Biscayne Bay gives both places a separation. Both have got easily accessible attractions, such as streets which range from the posh to the raffish, classy avenues, lovely cafes and bars, a great night club scene, art deco architecture to high rises disappearing happily into the clouds yacht charter miami.

Miami Beach is a beach to increase your ego with Cuban, Haitian, Argentinian and American clad folk who will welcome you and your family into their home. The many huge sandy beaches around Key Biscayne Island are peaceful and have great city views. Get down to your swimwear and enjoy the sparkle of the waves lapping over you.

Attractions in Miami

South Beach is the most thrilling area with its amazing colourful Art Deco District Buildings along the Miami Beach Art Deco Historic Area.

Ocean Drive prospers with the hippest beach life, cafes and boutiques which run alongside the fabulous white beach, with the strikingly renovated Park Central Art Deco Building.

Twelve Mile Miami Beach is an astonishing sight and its purpose is to defend Biscayne Bay from the Atlantic Ocean for us to have fun!

Downtown Miami is full of life and home to the fantastic Miami Art Museum. Apart from the excellent exhibitions, every Thursday night there is music and DJs. There are lots of cultural centres such as Fleglar Street and The Metro-Dade Cultural Centre. Miami Beach Botanical Gardens is an unexpected delight of palm trees flowers and ponds to bring calm in this city of buzz.

Downtown Miami has the Bayfront where there are lots of things to do around the waterfront. There is Bayfront Park, and Bayfront Park Amphitheatre which is fun on July 4th and New Years Eve. Bayside Market is packed with famous chain stores for the shopaholics who suffer withdrawal symptoms from chain stores familiar in their home town.

Little Havana has the Miami River running through it. It is a muddled lost area which has a charming atmosphere of people loading boats to head for the Caribbean. Pricey yachts drop anchor there.

Luscious seafood restaurants are extremely popular. Probably best to avoid Little Havana at night though. Haulover Beach is good for surfing in the breaks between 5th St and South Pointe. A good swimming beach is on 85TH Surfside and has lifeguards. Calm beaches are around 53rd Street and around Matheson Hammock Park.

Coconut Grove is a extraordinary place by the sea. See the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens with the thrifty Italian Renaissance style villa with 19th century furniture, tapestries, and paintings. Calle Ocho in the heart of Little Havana is the place to experience Cuban and Latin life, cigar shops in particular!

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