Using the Lottery As a Debt Solution

Got debt, got a plan? Is it winning the lotto? For many people it is and we are going to talk about the joys when you win and what happens next. Lets forget about the odds of winning lotto, you are more likely to die driving down to get your winnings than you are winning in the first place. Why forget about that, because someone has to win and why not you.

All About Online Casino Lotto Games

Every week we hear on the radio and see it on TV, all the lucky people winning lotto’s. Everyone knows someone who has won big and I mean big. They retire at 30, live in a nice mansion on the golf course and just lay around having the good life.

Well it is an interesting thing to note that within 10 years, 90% of large dollar value lotto winners are in worse financial shape than before they won Satta King. Another interesting thing about the last 10% is they actually gave control of their money to a trust, which pays then a salary on a regular basis. What the heck does this all mean?

In short, if you cannot manage a little money you cannot handle a lot of money. Then it is just a matter of time before it is all gone, all gone except the bills of course. Because when you have a little money you buy things that come with little payments and if you buy a jet plane they come with big payments. Also the bigger the purchase the better the collection agency that calls when you no longer are making the payments.

There are three major lessons I would like you to learn. One is gambling whether that is a lottery, casino or video terminal is an addiction and a guaranteed money losing adventure. Remember we choose our habits so choose a better habit before those ones ruin you. Two is if you cannot handle small amounts of money you cannot handle large amounts of money. Learn on the small amounts so when the big amounts do come you can put them to work for you. Three is if you do win the million in a lottery, call a lawyer and put that money into a trust account that pays you a salary for life. If you don’t trust lawyers contact me and together we’ll get you set for life. Otherwise do what the overwhelming majority of lotto winners do, lose it all in the end anyway but don’t ever say I didn’t try to help you.

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