Using Feng Shui to Optimize Your Facebook and Twitter Profits

It is quite easy for a Feng Shui Blog to be created by anyone. All that needs to be done is to sign up with a free service like WordPress, Blogger, or MySpace and then upload some content about your area of expertise. Once the content has been uploaded the system will analyze it and determine the areas of relevance. This analysis is used to create a personalized blog page for you based on these areas. Some of the most popular areas of interest on the Feng Shui blog is the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and pathway.

One interesting aspect of creating a Feng Shui blog is that it can be used as a tool to attract more social engagement and twitter followers on your Facebook page. It is quite possible to attract more twitter followers on Facebook simply by making sure that your blog contains relevant information about Feng Shui tips. For example if you have created a Read More blog about kitchen counters then you should include links about Feng Shui tools for counters that you think would enhance the functionality of a kitchen counter. Based on the analysis performed by Facebook’s interface, users who view your blog posts with links to your blog post about counters will become more engaged with you.

The social engagement element of using the social media system to attract more engagement from Twitter followers and Facebook fans is one of the reasons why many businesses have adopted this strategy. If a business owner has a well-developed online presence that includes a range of blogs, forums, Facebook fans and Instagram followers then these will all work in synergy to help promote and market a business. A Feng Shui master knows that creating a strong social engagement layer on a website is an effective way of attracting more customers to their websites.

The final step in attracting more social engagement on a website is to view Google Analytics and understand what pages are not being viewed and by how many viewers. In some cases businesses will know exactly what type of content and keywords are attracting the most attention but may not be aware that there are other factors influencing their success. By being aware of what is attracting attention online businesses can use this information to optimise their content. For example, if they are seeing a lot of traffic coming from Facebook but not getting much attention from twitter followers then they could identify that users on Facebook are more interested in updates about their social status pages than any other page on the website. In this case they could alter their Facebook content to include more tweets about their twitter followers or even create a fan page using this Facebook data to attract more followers. This would free up time for the business to create relevant content to feed to their Facebook fans and to interact with their twitter followers.

If the business were already on Facebook but did not have a very high page rank then they could try to improve their visibility by adding a fan page. In this situation, they would have to make sure that they used the right tags on their posts as well as adding links to their posts in their social engagement strategy. This would help them get higher rankings for their posts on both Facebook and Twitter. It is also important to make sure that they are active on both platforms. By regularly communicating with their followers and engaging with them on their comments and questions they will be able to turn these followers into regular online customers.

By following the principles of Feng Shui, a business owner can focus their efforts on attracting attention to both their Facebook and Twitter pages, by using different strategies that will encourage their visitors to interact with them. Having followers can be extremely beneficial to a business because it means they can attract new customers from these social media sources without having to spend a great deal of money on offline advertising. By providing users with useful information through their Feng Shui blog, businesses can encourage visitors to contact them by leaving comments or leaving messages on their wall. This would encourage visitors to provide reviews on their products or visit their websites. In addition, by giving these users valuable content they can get added benefits such as free upgrades to their paid accounts or special offers and discounts on all products and services.

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