Train Your Brain – Gain Clarity

The way we train our physical body to be strong, train our pets to do tricks and train our kids to behave, should at least be extended to the most important element of a healthy lifestyle; the brain.

The way we choose to live can have a huge effect on our brains health now and well into our future. Our diet, emotional role with friends, how we view the news we watch or hear, choose our exercise program, vacations we take etc., all have a very important role in creating a happy, healthy lifestyle for our brain.

Research has shown the brain needs constant stimulation and challenges to maintain clarity and alertness. Reading biographies of synapse xt successful people will stimulate your desires and dreams. Dreams are the beginning of our goals. Keep your goals realistic. Start with shorter time limited goals, while keeping the big picture always in your sight. The concerted concentration on achieving your goal keeps your brain strong and stimulated. Over time this constant concentration trains the brain to react faster every time the brain realizes you are trying to accomplish another goal.

Joining a toastmasters club or a public speaking group will have your brain concentrating on proper speaking diction and creating stories to present eloquently. Learning a second language can also apply a lot of concentration for memory. Assembling puzzles, filling out a crossword puzzle and mind challenging games are all mind challenging exercises.

These suggested new challenges will bring your brain out of its comfort zone. This can be boot camp concentration training for your brain. It’s great preparation for your brain to keep your mind fit in order to meet any future challenges. Don’t stop challenging your brain with new tasks, ” Use it or loose it!” All these exercises will train your brain to react faster to thoughts while increasing clarity.

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Who am I?

At best, I am a life coach! I was an inner city child with a single mom until the age of 8. I had an abusive step father that forced me to leave home at 16. I grew up on the streets. My life as you can imagine with the role models I encountered quickly shaped my future. After years of alcohol abuse, therapy sessions, counselling and anger management courses, I was at a crossroad. My life was not what I envisioned it would be and it was spiraling out of control. Realizing my barriers was painful to say the least. I couldn’t mask my emotions anymore and that is when I decided I needed a life change! Even though my career was in the right direction at the time I couldn’t experience happiness.

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