Three Major Facts About Penile Enhancement With a Bonus Workout

The penis and the male reproductive system is known as the most malleable human body part.

The penis, unlike others may think, is actually an organ and not a muscle. The penis is more malleable than a muscle, therefore, it can sustain much more endurance treatments and enhancement protocols.

The penis is composed of spongy tissues that allow more blood containment after being enhanced through various penile enlargement exercises, diets or routines. These spongy tissue chambers run alongside the male organ in a pair, and let blood flow loose while erect, making the penis harder and bigger. These spongy chambers are known as the Corpora Cavernosa and it, the Corpora Cavernosa can grow in width and length twice to three times it original size and more.

The malleability of the penis depends totally on the person’s overall blood flow to the pelvis and penis, blood quality and the health and shape of the Pubococcygeus Muscle. The Pubococcygeus Muscle known simply as the PC Muscle is composed of three underlying layers of extremely fine and fibrously stretched muscles. You may find these muscles between the testes and anus. While you urinate, stop the urine flow and these are the PC muscles. These extremely meticulous muscles are also responsible for ejaculation from start to finish.

These mechanical muscles, once trained, can cure you from premature ejaculation, impotence, infertility, prostate cancer and many more illnesses, disabilities and erectile dysfunctions. These muscles, after being conditioned to their proper tone, will engage in the sustenance of more sperm hold, therefore, enlarging the testes and their individualities.

The PC Muscle can become rock hard and can hold and protect much bigger and denser testes. The PC Muscle training in women facilitates birth very much and can even give pleasure instead of pain. The malleability of your penis increases as you increase the malleability of your PC Muscle.

Penile surgeries, pumps, weights, creams, pouches and worthless accessories lead to severe disappointment, health damage and even death.

No one wants to lose their male organs because of an error during surgery or even become impotent and worse. Pumps, weights, gadgets and all sorts of harmful accessories made from hazardous plastics and corrosive metals are extremely dangerous. Some even work on electricity, imagine if an accident happens from a manufacture related defect.

There are too many ways to injure your penis and reproductive system as a whole when you choose these types of treatments and methods. The funny thing about it is that they cost very expensive to acquire. The fastest and most technologically intricate ways to enlarge your penis are the most dangerous and costly of all. Too many people suffer from these careless methods and the world needs to know what to do about it in the most efficient and natural way possible. It may take some time but it is worth it and it is safe for everyone in long term usage.

The real penile enhancement way

First off, trim your pubic hair. Your penis may seam smaller than it truly is from all that “forest” of hair. After this is done, you must measure your penis’ length and girth and record the measurements in stages in your notebook. Eat fruits nuts, beans, red meats, poultry, scaled fish only and dairy products on regular basis to control blood flow power and health for the penis and its enhancement preparation.

Do not eat swine, refined sugars and “fast foods” during your penis enlargement treatment because these contain great toxins that impede growth and reproduction. The prescribed foods will help you lose the necessary fat to record a more accurate penile size reading in your notebook. The extra fat around the pubic bone makes your penis much smaller, so eat well and perform some cardio exercises during the week. Your cardiovascular health increase will decide upon your overall penis enlargement success.

Bonus exercise “the all in one daily guide”

1. Take a towel or cloth and dip it in hot water. Place it around your penis and testes for 3 minutes. This will allow more blood flow into the penis and will warm the penis to make it ready for the exercises to come.

2. Apply a lubricant such as baby oil or special body oil around your penis until your hand can slide easily. Do not put soap, shampoo or anything else than these special lubricant types.

3. Make your hand in an “ok” symbol, bringing your thumb and index finger in a circle.

4. While standing straight on your feet, grip the base of your penis and gently pull downwards while gripping tightly enough. Stop at the head of the penis. If your grip is tight enough, it will surely stop you by nature. Once your first hand finishes, the second hand already starts and the process continues for about 10 minutes per day. Do not exceed in doing so because vein damage and bruising can occur. This is why devices and pumps are not good since they can snap your penis and do Prostate Protocol much worse while your hand is sliding and in complete control.

5. While sitting down on a chair with you pelvis pushed out front and your back straight, squeeze your PC Muscle and release it 30 times and then take a pause for 30 seconds. It should take two second to squeeze and two seconds to release.

6. In the same position, squeeze the PC Muscle and hold for 10 seconds then release smoothly. Do this 30 times and then pause for 30 seconds.

7. In the same position again squeeze and release the PC Muscle 30 times as fast as possible holding the last squeeze for 10 seconds.

8. Perform a hot towel warm down like in step one for maximum results and to eliminate any possibility of harm from the exercises.

9. Do this everyday for three months while eating the necessary foods and doing the necessary fitness routines for maximum results. Results can amass up to 4 inches of possible length after three months. After six months you can gain up to six inches in length. If you continue this systematic treatment for 12 months, the results are scary and not necessary.

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