The Plusses, Minuses and Interesting Points of Online Poker Rooms

There are many plusses to consider when taking a look at this online poker site. A good example of such a plus is the fact that the website always seems to be teeming with activity. Even though the website has officially pulled out of the US market and as a result has lost a huge amount of market share to the other online poker sites, it is still a website that can field player numbers that are in the tens of thousands. This in turn also means that it can field tournaments and cash games that cover a wide range of variants and limits within variants, allowing for an overall excellent selection to be had. Take these plusses and add them to the fact that the site has always been a very reliable welcome bonus for new players to the field of online poker and the end result is that you have a list of plusses that any poker site would do well to have on its own resume.

How To Practice Responsible Gambling At Land-Based & Online Casinos

While these plusses are certainly good, the main point to keep in mind is that for this particular online poker site to be worth playing at, they need to outweigh the minuses. One minus in particular that this site brings to the table is that their promotion policies have become somewhat inconsistent in recent months When you take a look at things like the release requirements for their bonus, you will see sometimes that the information given on screen does not match with what you see in the website or in the bonus part of your account screen. This is a little disheartening, but if you should ever encounter that situation you should go by what it says on your account screen as that is the one that really matters in the end. The software the site uses is also old and badly in need of updating, but neither of these two minuses come close to invalidating the list of plusses that was presented in the previous paragraph.

Some other interesting points to note about the site are also worth mentioning. It is owned by Party Gaming which is a company that specializes in providing people with online gambling services. They have a lot of experience in all of those areas, but at the same time also tend to have the same problems magnified across their operations because of the set way in which they do things. This can be good or bad depending on the type of player you are. In addition, it has a clone known as Empire Poker that is the same in pretty much every none-visual way. Keep this in mind if you ever decide to expand outwards and encompass other online poker sites with your playing activities.

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