The Characteristics of the Best Electric Toothbrush

Good oral hygiene is important whatever age a person is. It not only prevents the development of gum diseases that may or may not develop into more serious health problems (example: infection, heart abnormalities and diabetes) but also keeps you feeling confident and refreshed. The choice between manual and electric tooth brushing is mainly dependent on the user’s preference. But if you are one who is on the lookout for the best electric toothbrush there is, you probably wouldn’t mind looking at these criterions so you know what and how to choose.

The Best Electric Toothbrush for 2021 | Reviews by Wirecutter

Size is always the first consideration when buying a toothbrush, whether it is the electronic or ordinary variety. Size helps you maneuver around the areas of your mouth, especially the hard to reach ones, and handle the tool effectively. For adults, the ideal toothbrush head would be half an inch wide and one inch tall; whereas for kids, something smaller might be necessary. The handle should be long enough so you could comfortable grasp on to it. And if you are a frequent traveller, a compact or detachable electric toothbrush would probably the best option you can purchase best electric toothbrushes.

As far as battery life goes, it would be smarter if you can get toothbrushes that have rechargeable batteries so you do not have to spend money every time you use it. It would also be ideal if the model you acquire has battery life indicators so you know how much longer the item can be used.

For bristle variety, you have choices between soft, medium and hard nylon bristles. Most dentists would recommend the use of soft bristles as they run lesser risk of damaging the gums, the tooth’s protective enamel as well as the root surface. But then again, if you are not a good brusher, you might want to try out medium bristles for better coverage. Good thing there are electric toothbrushes that have replacements heads so you can take advantage of all three options whenever you feel like it.

In addition, one primary characteristics of the best electric toothbrush you have to secure is a built-in timer and pressure sensor. Built-in timers help remind you that you have already elapsed the suggested time for brushing specific quadrants of your teeth and mouth. The pressure sensor, meanwhile, informs you that you are already brushing your teeth and gums too hard. These prevent any untoward damages from occurring during use and see to it that the condition of your mouth is upheld.

Finally, it wouldn’t hurt if you buy an electric toothbrush that has a seal of approval from experts like the American Dental Association. This should give you some reassurance that what you are using is something that authorities in dental care believe in. Get user feedback on effectiveness, safety and user-friendliness as well because these are folks who will and can relate to your situation. In addition, you might also want to do some independent research on information – background, clinical trials, pros, cons, and what not – related to the electric toothbrush you are considering so you get a full picture of what you are buying.

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