Spongebob Squarepants – Themed Birthday Party

Birthdays parties can be really fun and exciting when you have a theme. It allows you to become creative and give each guest a memorable experience. Here are some affordable, fantastic ideas you can implement in your child’s birthday party – Bikini Bottom style!

Squarepants Invitations

You could make the invitation cards into the shape of the character Spongebob. Make the pants open up in a flip with all the invitation details. Every recipient will giggle when they find that Spongebob’s Squarepants is removable, as often seen in the cartoon. Keep the wordings fun anthropologie birthday coupon.

Krabby Patty Burgers and other Spongebob-themed Food

Show off your cooking skills as you prepare the ‘Krabby Patty’ burgers on the spot. You can have printable coupons available for your guests to exchange for the patties, just like how the oceanic creatures of Bikini Bottom pay for their food in Krusty Krab Restaurant. Of course, you should have extra printable coupons readily available for your guests to ‘buy’ more food. Remember to have someone to impersonate Squidward to collect these coupons. Other food you can include are pineapples, one like Spongebob’s home, and other food that reminds you of the sea, like sushi.

Bikini Bottom Oceanic Creatures

Make paper masks for everyone to wear. They should be characters from the cartoon. Be it Spongebob, Patrick, Squiward, Eugene Krabs, Sheldon Plankton, Sandy Cheeks, or even Gary, everyone gets their favorite character. You can enquire which character they would like from the invitation’s RSVP. Do not forget to practice lines from the cartoon to keep the mood real.

Under the Sea

Decorate the venue to look like it is under the sea. Decorate it with sea shells and pebbles made out of paper mache if you do not have real ones available. Put strips of blue paper sticking down from the ceiling to symbolize the ocean, and put cardboards cut to look like seaweed on the ground. You can even have balloons of jellyfishes floating up to the ceiling.

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