Quick-Lube Shops: How to Get the Most For Your Money

Since 1979 with the opening of the first drive-through oil change service, people have enjoyed the convenience of having the oil in their cars changed in about as much time as it may take you to read this article. Before that time period, many individuals resorted to having their oil changed at their trusted mechanic’s shop. Even more people opted for performing their own oil changes in their own garages and driveways. With the fast-food/microwave mentality hitting the nation, quick-lube shops have taken off as people want the option of having their oil changed on their lunch break with time left to pick up a burger. Even with the rise in popularity of the drive-through quick lube shop, many others have remained committed to having a professional mechanic take care of all their car’s oil concerns. Whether you only trust your ride in the capable hands of a mechanical professional or you’re willing to trade expertise for convenience, there are many pros and cons to having your oil changed by either of these oil-changing professionals. Though most individuals favor the quick-lube shop, there are certainly factors to consider.

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For the driver who is constantly on the go, a drive-in lube shop can provide a very convenient experience. As you drive in, a technician takes your key, drives your car into the garage, and about 10-30 minutes later THC Vapes Shop, you have a car with the oil changed along with some other perks such as having your fluids topped off, windows cleaned, and interior vacuumed out. All of this convenience typically ends up costing around $20-$30 and you’re on your way with a sticker on the side window that tells you when to bring your car back in for maintenance. While one may have trouble finding something not to like about this scenario, there are a few drawbacks worth mentioning.

1. These are not mechanics.

Do not be confused by the uniforms with their names embroidered on patches; most every one of these individuals are not trained and experienced mechanics. The person you handed your keys off to may not make much more than minimum wage and is not able to spot or tell you about possible problems with your car. If they were to hire professional mechanics to work on your car, your price tag would have to be much more than the $25-$30 you paid.

2. There is a catch.

While you feel like you might be getting a sweet deal by taking advantage of the sign outside that says “Oil Change: $19.95”, you may end up seeing red after walking out with a $150 ticket. While you patiently wait for your oil change, the representative behind the desk may tell you horror stories about what may happen if you don’t take advantage of their fluid flush, if you don’t have your wipers replaced, and if you don’t upgrade to their premium oil. After hearing such tales, most people will agree to having just about anything done to their car; even some services that will not benefit the vehicle.

3. There are no go-to lube technicians.

At these quick-lube shops, just like your neighborhood fast-food restaurant, they have a high rate of employee turnover. Because of new people being hired, others fired, quitting, or being transferred, there is very little chance of you being able to build a relationship of trust with these companies like you can with a local mechanic.

With all this being said for what could possibly go wrong at a quick-lube shop, there is a possibility of coming out on top. If you’re just in the market for a quick oil change and know what to say “no” to, you can possibly be in and out in 15 minutes for just a few bucks more than it would cost you to perform the oil change yourself. Still, before you head into the local quick lube station, check out the reviews for the shop to ensure there are no skeletons in the mechanic’s pit, pay close attention to what they’re doing, and see about using a shop that offers the most complimentary services (fluid top-offs, window cleaning, interior vacuuming, etc.). When it is all finished, make sure a technician shows you that all caps are securely fastened (caps not placed back on or securely fastened is a common complaint from those who have had bad experiences with quick-lube shops as they can cause severe engine damage).

Though using these services every so often with caution and having a positive experience is possible, it is still recommended to have a professional mechanic take a look at your automobile periodically to catch mistakes that the lube technicians may miss or see and not be obligated to tell you about. Though an oil change at a mechanic’s shop can be considerably more expensive, you’re paying for expertise that cannot be provided from a $20-a-job quick-lube shop; expertise that may end up saving you thousands of dollars down the road.

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