Prostate Massage – Things to Remember

A Prostate Massage can be a very pleasurable experience for most men, but depending on the condition of your prostate, it may prove to be otherwise.

A prostate massage is NOT recommended for men with acute prostatitis, as a massage of the prostate will only allow for the prostate infection to spread to other parts of the body. Bacteria or cancer cells may also be spread through the blood stream, so it might be a good idea to get a rectal examination to rule out any problems with your prostate gland.

Now, assuming your prostate is in reasonable condition, there are a few things explained below that you will want to keep in mind before and while doing a prostate massage.

Things To Remember:

* If you are planning to use your index or middle finger for the prostate message, make sure they are clean and lubricated. You may also want to consider wearing latex gloves for increased safety and cleanliness.

* Along with making sure your fingers are clean and lubricated, make sure you take a shower before massaging the prostate gland. A simple shower will give you a feeling of cleanliness and will certainly make the process much easier for you. Also, remember to keep your anus well lubricated for easy and smooth insertion for your fingers.

* Now, when it comes to the actual massage, you will want to do it SLOWLY and GENTLY. The prostate gland is a sensitive and delicate organ, so you don’t want to be too harsh with the massaging. Correct massage technique prostate protocol reviews 2021 involves slow, repetitive, and circular motions.

* To make the experience more enjoyable, remember to breathe deeply while doing your message. This helps further relieve stress and enhances the orgasm.

Prostate Massage Devices:

If you’re uncomfortable with inserting your index or middle finger into your anus to reach your prostate gland, or if you’re interested in alternative methods, you may want to consider the use of a prostate massage device. Using a prostate massager device can, in many cases, provide a much more pleasurable experience than doing the massage with your fingers.

While prostate massage devices may prove to be a less risky and more pleasurable alternative, there are still some things you need to keep in mind before considering this alternative method.

* As with doing a massage with your fingers, you will want to use the same slow, gentle, and circular motions with a prostate massager device.

* Remember to keep the device and your anus well lubricated for easy insertion.

* Also, remember to go for well-known brands of prostate massager devices. As mentioned above, your prostate gland is a sensitive and delicate organ, so you don’t want to go with cheap alternative brands of prostate massager devices. Some well known brands are Aneros and Prostate Cradle.

There isn’t much to worry about when it comes to prostate massaging safety. Just always keep in mind that your prostate gland is a sensitive and delicate organ, and you should treat it as such.

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