Preparing For Cataclysm – Warcraft Hunters

Up until recently, the versatile hunter class in Warcraft was capable of playing most roles in the game. I remember a raid in 2008 when a Hunter in the party rolled “need” for every single drop, stating (with some justification) that depending on his role, he would have a need for just about every item and stat combination that there was in the game.

The talent trees for hunters allow for very diverse gameplay. Levelling in particular can be done in a number of ways.

Survival is about crowd control. Trapping certain foes and rooting them or damaging them with ice, fire etc. A skilled hunter might keep several foes occupied at once with good use of skills and a suitable pet.

Beast Mastery is all about turning your pet into a damage dealing or damage absorbing unit to support you. In the past good hunters have been able to employ their pet as an “off tank” for some of the easier instances. Some claim this is still possible. However, end game this is not a role for hunters and the pet will be overwhelmed pretty quickly.

Marksmanship is a DPS (damage per second) talent tree. Survival and Marksmanship both dish out the damage, Marksmanship does it best 안전토토사이트 against one foe, whereas survival is better against several at once – but is slower.

Decide what kind of pet you are having. Have the sort that compliments your play style. Tank pets such as turtles will keep the enemy occupied better and absorb damage while you provide the killing power from range. Damage dealing pets e.g. cats are less adept at tanking but will provide excellent DPS themselves. Finally cunning pets like spiders are capable of trapping foes themselves.

At end game expect to have to re-learn everything you thought you knew whilst levelling. The expectations on you will be very different. Many hunters become “nukes”, providing massive damage from range.

So Hunters are a great class to level up quickly, and very versatile during the levelling process. There is a downside though. Because many people choose hunter to level, you will always be competing at end game with others for spots in raiding parties. The more sought after roles of dedicated tank or healer will be the ones most people shout for.

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