Online Spanish Language Courses – Using the Web to Succeed in Spanish Despite a Learning Disorder

The reasons are about as varied as our population, why a person might choose to use and online Spanish language course. Perhaps they are going on vacation or maybe a business trip, or maybe even to stay long term, but if they are going to a country where Spanish is spoken, chances are they will need the language to get by.

Even if a person has no desire to learn Spanish other than to impress their friends, lover, family or themselves, it’s still important to learn. The ability to speak a second, or third language is a highly sought after and commendable skill.

Personally, I had always had an affinity for languages and a desire to travel far and wide. But, I also had dyslexia, a disorder that can make it very hard to learn things the way everyone else does. I struggled a lot in a traditional language class full of book drills, and focused on the excruciating details of grammar. I understood these things intrinsically, but being confronted with them day after day in a way that was difficult for me, made language learning much more difficult.

I knew their had to be a better way, because I desperately wanted to travel, and perhaps even live abroad while being an ESOL  Language of desire teacher. I was not going to let my dyslexia stop me. I tried several stand alone language learning products. Basically all of the popular brands. And with some of them, I found success.

But, it wasn’t until I signed up for my first of many online Spanish language courses that I began to really feel at ease and see progress. See, these kinds of lessons are a bit different. They work a little bit like a standard class in that you usually have a scheduled time… but it’s more like having a tutor than anything else.

Sessions often take place via web cam, and while non-traditional materials may be used, such as other internet resources, each session has a topic. Most of the places that offer this service even give a placement test with your first lesson.

This small tweak on standardized book based language learning made things come alive for me in a way that no classroom, or even the best stand alone software could do on its own.

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