Natural Vision Improvement – Improving Blurry Eyesight With Eye Exercises

Safety, satisfaction and peace of mind are some of the qualities you are likely searching for in a vision improvement program. When you think about the risks and complications associated with Lasik Surgery, these qualities become even more critical when looking for a vision improvement alternative. For example, there is another option to Lasik that involves the practice of natural techniques to improve vision that are not only effective but safe. Such an alternative is an eye exercise program that involves the use of safe and natural techniques. These provide a remedy for a variety of vision conditions and can also enable you to improve blurry eyesight.

There are various factors that contribute to blurry eyesight. According to the American Optometric Association some of these relate to excessive close up work done for prolonged periods of time on technological devices such as tablets, computers, laptops and iPads etc. Other contributing risk factors include presbyopia, eye strain, myopia,computer vision syndrome and dry eyes.

According to the American Optometric Association, symptoms related to blurry eyesight, in the case of the eye condition presbyopia, relate to a loss of flexibility and elasticity in the focusing power of the eye muscles which have become stiffened due to the aging process. Eye exercises are helpful from this point of view, due to the fact that they strengthen the flexibility of the focusing power of the eyes. While Bodybuilding and Weightlifting techniques strengthen our muscles enabling us to improve our physical performance, the eyes also have muscles, which if strengthened regularly by eye exercise techniques, can improve the visual performance of the eyes.

These techniques strengthen the eye muscles, rebuild the visual system and upgrade its natural function. The regular application of these techniques can improve eye conditions such as blurry eyesight. Therefore, here are Visiclear a series of eye exercises for better eyesight that help you to accomplish this goal:

Excessive close up work on the computer according to the Mayo Clinic, can lead to a deficiency in tear production that causes dry eye. This is due to the fact that staring at a near point object for long periods of time discourages blinking; a technique that stimulates the eye’s natural ability to produce moisture. This deficiency in moisture in the eyes also leads to blurry vision.

Swinging: This eye exercise technique provides a remedy for this problem increasing the eyes natural ability to produce moisture. To perform it stand with your feet shoulder width apart and proceed to swing your body. Choose an object in the distance that you can focus on. As you swing your body from the left to the right, ensure that you maintain your focus on that distant object you have selected, and blink your eyes frequently. Perform 3 sets of 30 repetitions of this technique.

Here is an additional eye exercise that can improve blurry eyesight: For this technique close your eyes and apply a gentle message with the tips of your fingers to your eyelids in a clockwise circular motion. Remember that this is a sensitive point so be careful not to apply too much pressure to that area. A light message will do. Perform this technique for a period of two minutes.

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