Maintaining Flat Roofs

Even though flat roofs are not as durable as tiled or stone roofs, their life span can certainly be very long if they are maintained regularly and in a correct way. Regular maintenance will not only keep your home safe from the elements but it could also prevent costly repair bills in the long run.

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It is good practice to have the roofs inspected every autumn and spring time consistently by professional roofers. Keep in mind that if you try to access your roof without professional equipment, you could seriously risk your health and well being. Even trying to climb onto a fairly low one by using ladders could lead to broken bones or even deaths. Furthermore you can damage the surface of your flat roof if you do not take necessary precaution flat roofs toronto.

The regular maintenance would consist of:

  • Clearing away all debris from the guttering, the flat surface and the pipes around the roof; including the rainwater outlets and chutes. Make sure that you do remove the debris off the roof. Trying to flush it down the pipes is not going to help you. It will simply delay your problems as the blocked pipes will lead to ponding (when puddles of water gather on the surface as it has nowhere to escape) on the roof anyway.
  • Cutting back any overhanging branches from the nearby trees. This will not only help remove the branches damaging your roof but it will also save you clearing away any resulting debris and leaves from your roof later on as well.
  • Clearing any standing water after heavy rain or a storm.
  • Shovelling off any heavy snow fall. The ice after a snow fall can lead to expansion of the roofing material, which will result in damage and leaks.
  • Securely fixing any termination bars and protective metal flashings. The fixture and fittings get loose over time, and fixing them in place as soon as possible will ensure that water can not go through the resulting cracks.
  • Checking and repairing the sealant. This will ensure that there is place for the water to go through the joints and edges.

Keep in mind that if your flat roof is not kept clean and dry as much as possible, it could deteriorate over time. This will lead to the water eventually leaking through, which can create major roof problems.

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