How T Shirt Printing Helps Promote Small Businesses and Tradesmen Cost Effectively

Small businesses and tradesmen usually demand the best ‘value’ methods for gaining new business that is controllable and sustainable. Custom printed t shirts and other apparel are typically high on the list.

There is little doubt these days that business in Britain is tough. 2011 has seen the surprise announcement that the economy has shrunk has apparently shocked and disappointed government and top level economists, but in reality, few of us doing business at ground level are really surprised at all security bollards.

Small business these days face an ever steeper up hill battle in the face of spiralling fuel costs, high taxes, huge rent and rates bills, expensive and difficult internet advertising costs which are more and more complicated to keep up with. Every day, hundreds of small businesses, shops and enterprises across Britain sadly close down, some have been operating for decades, some just a few months.

The notion of the green grass of England does indeed seems lost in the distant poetry of songs voiced only in schools filled with naive little children filled with hope that will one day be dashed for most of them.

But we can’t all just stop and stand still. Things don’t work that way. The government demands for increased taxes must be paid somehow, as do the new electricity bills, phone bills, supermarket shopping bills etc. It’s all got to be paid from an ever shrinking pocket, somehow.

So what actually can we do as small businessmen to help ourselves cut costs and survive? Well, for starters we should look at what we spend on things like marketing. Many small businesses are lured by the expectation that the internet will deliver huge amounts of hungry new customers. Indeed many of us have been tempted into spending a monthly fortune on the services of internet gurus, advertising agencies, online campaigns with the giants like Google and other expensive mechanisms which promise to deliver a steady stream of solvent customers. For some people it works, but the sad truth is, I haven’t met many plumbers, or carpenters or electricians or carpet fitters or self employed drivers that are managing to develop and maintain the expertise to keep up with the internet’s ever changing landscape. Let alone exploit it cost effectively. For must of us, the thought of paying 60 pence, 70 pence, a Pound per visitor to our simple websites is absurd, deranged in fact. But that’s considered normal pricing from the perspective of giant companies reporting profits and turnover in the millions and even billions per 3-month quarter.

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