House Builders in Christchurch – Choosing the Right Suburb

If you’re new to Christchurch, looking to build a home for your family using house builders in Christchurch and trying to find a suburb to settle down in, you want to take the time to learn the area. There are forty nine different suburbs in Christchurch, a wealth of main roads to learn and almost every suburb has its own school. Just like every city, each suburb and school has a reputation.

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The largest school in Christchurch is Burnside High School. If you have a teenager and are looking for a public high school with a good reputation, Burnside High is one of the best. Burnside’s school roll hovers at around three thousand students. The school is divided into three divisions and a senior division for last year students. A common piece of misinformation that is passed around is that the school is ‘four schools in one’, but really the ‘divisions’ are just like ‘houses’. Memorial Ave is the main road in the area, leading from Christchurch International Airport into the CBD. Burnside High sits on the corner of Memorial Ave and Grahams Road. A lot of house builders in Christchurch work out of Burnside, so building on your property can be organised locally

If the suburban feel of Burnside isn’t what you’re looking for and you’re looking for a place closer to the central business district, Riccarton offers a wealth of shops, restaurants and Christchurch’s biggest mall a convenient ten minute drive or bus ride on Riccarton Road from the central city. House builders in Christchurch have been developing the area for over one hundred years and the area has many family homes.

Riccarton is one of Christchurch’s nicest suburbs. Riccarton Road, the main road through the suburb, has everything on offer from bars and restaurants to dairies and video stores. Riccarton High School is one of the city’s top high schools. With a roll of one thousand students, the school is a lot smaller than Burnside High, which a lot of parents prefer.

With so many suburbs in Christchurch, moving to the city or moving within the city can seem daunting. With more emphasise being placed on trade in the region, there is also a growing number of house builders in Christchurch, so you won’t have to wait as long to have your new home built. Whether you want to live in Sumner by the sea, on the hills in Cashmere or in the centre of everything in the CBD, there is a suburb for you.

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