Funeral Flowers Verses Funeral Keepsakes

While funeral flowers are a traditional memorial gift, funeral keepsakes are a more enduring memento.

Funeral flowers were first used as offerings to gain the favor of the spirit of the deceased. Today, funeral flowers are often given in memory of the loved one and sent to the funeral home during the visitation.

Local flower shops usually have specialized bouquets for use as funeral supplies. These flowers are typically placed at either end of the casket. Another way that funeral flowers are used is in the form of a casket blanket which is placed over the casket during the service. This blanket is typically made out of roses, although other types of flowers can be used. Sometimes particular flowers are chosen because the deceased had a particular favorite. To honor their loved one, family and ของชำร่วยงานศพ friends select these funeral flowers to pay tribute to the deceased.

The problem with funeral flowers is that in time, they die. This can be very upsetting for the bereaved. Watching the flowers wilt and die back is sometimes too symbolic of what they endured, standing by as their loved one passed away. Because of this, and other reasons, some people will send a live plant or small shrub instead of sending flowers. The family of the deceased can then care for the plant in the years to come in their home or garden. These types of gifts instill a sense of feeling that life goes on.

More enduring than plants and funeral flowers, other keepsakes like funeral candles, remembrance ornaments, and funeral stationery will never wilt away and die. They provide a tangible reminder, potentially forever, of a loved one who has passed away.

To see a friend or family member struggle with the pain of bereavement is a heart wrenching experience. Giving the bereaved a keepsake conveys that their pain is understood and that you are always there for them no matter what. Funeral keepsakes offer a gentle non-intrusive reminder to the bereaved, which remains with them long after the funeral has passed.

These types of keepsakes can also be personalized by a funeral professional. The family can have their funeral director customize each piece with photographs, names, dates and/or other special sentiments. Having a custom funeral keepsake on the mantel or other place of prominence in their home can bring peace to a family in mourning.

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