Four Things That You Must Know to Use Twitter As a Marketing Tool

While the primary focus of my blog consists of different ways of automating twitter, it is important to know where to draw the line. Using Twitter as a marketing tool is perplexing to most people. Too little automation and you spend too much time on twitter which defeats the purpose. Too much automation and you get flagged, got to #twitterjail or get banned which also defeats the purpose. It’s like the sweet spot of a clutch. Find it and life becomes much easier.

Interaction is still required. You can’t automate that (unless you consider outsourcing automation). While most of your DM’s will be ads you should at least monitor them for legit conversations. That, and people LOVE to be re-tweeted. Below are a few other key points to keep in mind when marketing on Twitter driveway bollards lights.

1- Twitter is first and foremost meant to be used to build relationships and trust. Just as if you were going out with someone that you are interested in, it is going to take time to cultivate a relationship and grow trust. Marketing on Twitter isn’t all about advertising. Yes, you will be advertising eventually, but is not recommended right off the bat.

2- Use Twitter to provide advice and guidance to help the rest of the community. Assist in solving people’s problems and answering there questions. People search ‘useful’ information. The majority of the population on twitter is looking for information, not ads. An obvious affiliate link will send potential customers away faster than a flock of birds at the sight of a crocodile.

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