Evolution in the Swimming Pool Design

Like everything around us, the concept of the swimming pool design too is undergoing major changes. From being a rectangular pool of water it has evolved into a style statement. A swimming pool in the house is an extension of the owner’s personality, while at the hotels and resorts it exhibits the standards of luxury available.

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Aesthetics: The swimming pool shapes are no longer restricted to the boring rectangles. They come in many shapes like circles, oval, oblong, figure of eight, or just any fancy shape. The colour of the tiles being used too includes a myriad hue of blues and greens. Some artists have lent their creativity and made breath taking murals and mosaics based on related subjects like mermaids, the underwater scenery, fishes and other aquatic animals, or simply the waves of the seas Achtformpools.

Many people are getting the swimming pool designs customized to suit their tastes and lifestyles. These modern swimming pools can include temperature controls, hot and cold pools, Jacuzzi, a children’s pool or even a bar! The edges too are unique. They could be merging with the water or have steps leading into the water.

Landscaping: Another concept which has helped revolutionize the swimming pool design is the use of landscaping around the swimming pool. The greenery surrounding the poolside has made the experience of swimming more soothing, relaxing and brought us closer to nature. While designer swimming pools with their lush green surroundings, cascading waterfalls, and colorful mosaics have brought a breath of fresh air to the whole concept, these luxuries can cost a lot.

Fitments and Aids: The market is flooded with an amazing array of state of the art fittings and support equipments for the swimming pools. Fancy lights, water jets, musical fountains, temperature controls and automatic filtration units. Comfortable deck chairs, colorful umbrellas, inflatable floats, all add to making the pool-side experience unforgettable.

The equipments available for updating the swimming pool designs in the markets cater to all pocket sizes. The high standards of quality control ensure the products are worth the money spent. The maintenance of the swimming pools too is no longer a tedious, back breaking routine. The scientifically designed tiles are easy to clean and maintain. Tiles made of glass, mosaic or ceramic are available in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Conclusion: The swimming pool design may have undergone noticeable changes, what will never change are the fun times spent by the pool side. The happy memories will always remain deeply cherished.

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