Discover Just One Tool (the Main One) That Online Marketers Use – To Grow Their Business

There are several online companies that allow you to use their software for a monthly fee to collect names, email addresses and phone numbers from people who have opted into one of your landing pages. What is a landing page? It is a webpage that advertises a product, business or service. In order for a person to get more information about that product, business or service they have to enter in their name, email address and phone number. When they do that, YOU”VE GT EM! That information now goes over to your “auto-responder’ which is the software that stores the information that they are requesting. Get It?

This little tool can handle an unlimited amount of prospects entering your funnel or opt in pages. What is really important here is that you can control the information that your prospects will get for the rest of time. You can:

o Brand Yourself
o Educate Prospects
o Sell Your Products
o Persuade
o Teach…….The List Is Endless

Many of the messages or offers that you send to all of the people who volunteered their information to you will eventually become your business partners. The auto- responder allows you to build relationships slot with thousands of people all at the same time. You can share who you are and what you’re about and how you can benefit their lives. This is a very powerful tool. The really smart entrepreneurs are either using this tool now or are getting ready to because technology and automation is the future. The people who use auto-responders will use them to make a killing while other marketers are struggling and wonder why.

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