Best Baby Car Seats

Parents are normally eager to buy the best baby car seats that are available in the market. The reality is that, the seats available in the market are the one that can fit in your car, suits your budget and comforts your baby. There is no one best one; you have to decide which the best is for you. Do you have a big car or a small car? What type of a driver are you? Is your child healthy? An answer to all these questions will help you decide what type will work the best for your baby.

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Most of the car seats in United States have to pass federal crash test. Few types may have certain additional features which makes them very easy to install like in-built non twisting straps or locking clips. Due to the requirement of safety while installing car seats installation helpers usually add safety measures. But, even one of the cheapest car seat without additional features has to pass this crash test since it is one of the main factors when it comes to baby’s safety.

When you are about to select one of the best for your child you have to consider the age, weight and height of your baby. Rear facing seats are usually used until your child weighs about twenty lbs. However, convertible baby car seats are used until your child turns one year old and weighs around 20 lbs. If you consider your baby’s height, then your baby’s head has to be one inch below the rear facing car seats. For front facing ones your baby’s ear must be below the top of the cars seat.

One of the most expensive and full with useful features is at times not suitable for your child if you do not read the installation process and direction carefully. You have to check the manual available while installing your baby car seat and use it as it has been directed. Always select the one for your child which will be easy for you to install according to the instruction in the manual. With several car seats available in the market not all of them fit perfectly in your car. This is why it is necessary to find out a car seat that fits in your car perfectly with exact angle and without any difficulty

Most of the reputable stores that deal in baby products will usually have a sample in their store which can be tried by you before you purchase a particular car seat for your baby. While buying one of the best baby car seats you have to bypass all the types of installation aids and accessories. If any item does not come with the car seat it means the one is not safe to utilize. After market products are those products which do not pass the crash test and so please avoid purchasing those products as it may injure your baby during any accident.

These products may include seat belt ratchets head positioners that are not required if you have properly installed the car seat. So, take all the following aspects into consideration when you purchase the best baby car seat as to keep you child safe from injuries as long as possible.

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