Authors – Automatic Updating and Customized Delivery of Your Content Using Sticky Apps

Authors who work hard to drive traffic to their sites to introduce people to their book often spend thousands of dollars in cost and time 聊天室.. However most often once that visitor combs the authors 4-5 pages and buys the book there is rarely any compelling reason to revisit the site or to stay in touch with the author as very little if anything ever really changes. So how can you keep your readers up to date with what your doing?

Yes you could start a blog and that is a powerful strategy to continue to drive new and continued traffic, however everyone has a blog nowadays 香港交友網. What about your twitter and face-book activities? Sharing your music? Being available to chat?

These are just a few of your online activities, hows a reader to stay up to date with what your doing these days? Simple, create a community toolbar 識女仔方法. It can update them on any new articles, blog posts or twitter updates. It can share your favorite music, photos and products that your offering for sale.

To start with go to its a platform where you can deliver group and one-to-one personalized information and messages to using a customizable web browser toolbar application. In today’s fast paced world keeping in touch is a challenge and once you connect its up to you to keep their attention with valuable content, and extremely simple yet customized delivery of that content right to the subscriber.

Therefore using a tool like Conduit can offer you and your subscribers both; automatic updating and customized delivery of content is the wave of the future for internet marketers. All that’s necessary to create this useful tool is to visit and begin to choose which applications you want your subscribers to use to stay in touch with you.

You can choose from such apps as Twitter, Face-Book, RSS Readers and more in addition each user can customize the tool bar to add specific apps to their toolbar, such as their local weather, their music, games and they can even use it to keep an eye on their stock quotes. So create a community toolbar and let everyone know where they can download it at.

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