A Growth Hormone Supplement May Get Rid of That Pot Belly and Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack

It’s definitely no secret that pot bellies are unattractive, but not only are they unattractive but pot bellies are also linked to heart disease and put people at a higher risk of heart attack. Not good! (Are you looking down at your belly? If so, keep reading!) So what causes a person to develop a pot belly?

Well, there are many factors that contribute to a pot belly. One of course is diet a major contributor, another is exercise or should I say lack of exercise for a lot of people these days. Then there are things like low human growth hormone levels in the body, genetics, etc.

You see, as we age, the levels of growth hormone in our bodies drop, this leads to increased fat in the mid-section, higher levels of the Biotox gold bad cholesterol LDL, lower levels of the good cholesterol HDL, a lower sex drive and other undesirable side effects. Yuk right…yea, I thought the same thing!

So what can be done to reduce belly fat and in turn reduce the chances of heart attack and stroke? Well, there are lots of things that can be done! It’s not just doing one thing right, or taking a magic pill. Maintaining a healthy heart involves eating right, getting enough exercise and controlling stress levels. And, adding human growth hormone supplementation/therapy may significantly improve your heart’s health as it has been shown to help with lowering bad cholesterol, raising good cholesterol and reducing belly fat. Also, adding HGH therapy has been shown to increase lean muscle mass, increase mental ability and stamina and improve sex drive and libido. (I thought you would like that last part!)

Synthetic human growth hormone or HGH therapy is very expensive though, but can definitely give you some positive results. However, the therapy is very controversial because of its unknown long-term side effects and abuse. For this reason, I am a strong advocate of natural HGH supplements/growth hormone supplements. Natural HGH supplements are of course less expensive and safer because they are made with all natural ingredients. (Yes, I said less expensive!…and by far!)

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