5 Foods You’ll Usually Find in My Kitchen

I will admit that I was not always a role model when it came to my profession. Far from it. My evolution as a good eater has been slow and steady, punctuated by headlong plummets into sugar land. On the first day of school for nutrition, I remember walking into class with some Fig Newtons I’d gotten from a gas station down the street for breakfast. I was starving and couldn’t wait to eat those suckers. In those days, if I ate breakfast it could always have passed for dessert – doughnuts, sugary instant oatmeal with sugar on top, 분당스웨디시

sugary cereals with skim milk and sugar on top… Lunch would be an entire giant burrito from Qdoba or a 7-layer burrito from Taco Bell (both vegetarian and devoid of any protein, of course). And dinner was pasta. Just white noodles and some sort of preservative and pesticide-laden, zero protein marinara sauce. Dessert? Maybe an entire pint of rainbow sherbet or a bunch of cookies. I never went long without a Mountain Dew, Twix bar or some sort of pastry, either. Love those pastries.

The part that I have to remember sometimes is that when I walked in with those Fig Newtons for breakfast, I didn’t think I’d done anything wrong. And if someone at that point in my life had told me not to eat that for breakfast, I would have been pissed. off. But here I am writing every week, probably pissing at least a few people off every time, because I wish someone HAD said something to me. Anyway, by the end of my 4 year tenure in school my diet had changed a bit. It still changes all the time as I figure out what works for me and as I continue to learn.

In school, I had the opportunity to be a nanny for the daughter of the director of my school. My director was really influential in my life as a teacher, a role model, and a mentor. The great part about being her nanny was that I knew exactly what was in her refrigerator and cupboards at her house. I knew what she, her kids, and her dogs ate, and that in itself was a large part of my education. She’s the first person I ever knew who had raw milk in her refrigerator, and I can definitely say that that had something to do with

me trying raw milk last week. Her dogs ate raw meat every day and one of her daughter’s favorite treats was a small cup of raw milk with a drop of vanilla in it. At this point, I feel like the contents of my refrigerator and my tastes in food are as strange and outlandish as her family’s. At this pivotal moment in my life, I’m going to try to impart some new information to you by describing the contents of my own refrigerator.

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